What type of aircraft does Advance Aviation fly?  
We operate two models from Airbus Helicopters; the twin-engine EC-135 P2 and the single-engine EC-130 T2. Our Bangkok base is the home of two EC-135 P2’s. Their powerful and reliable Pratt and Whitney turbine engines provide outstanding performance and vital power reserves even in one-engine-inoperative scenarios. Our Phuket base in southern Thailand AND CHIANG MAI IN NORTHERN THAILAND EACH has the EC-130 T2, which incorporates the latest technology including the Fenestron tail rotor system, composite materials and resonance isolation systems. All our helicopters are in VIP configurations.

What should I expect on AA's helicopter flight?  
Advance Aviation prides itself in being the only true "VIP" helicopter operator in Thailand. Guests will be treated to sumptuous interiors and excellent visibility of our helicopters, as well as personal touch from our well-trained staff. All helicopters are fully air-conditioned and equipped with Bose® noise cancellation headsets in each seat that promise a tranquil ride and allow you to talk to each other with ease and comfort. The passenger compartment is fully carpeted and each seat is upholstered in soft, inviting leather. All flights are carefully planned to the last detail to ensure the utmost comfort, uncompromising safety, and unsurpassed cost effectiveness.

How large is the storage compartment for my luggage?
Luggage Compartment of EC-135 P2+, unlike other executive helicopters, has unconventional clam-shell cargo doors which enable passengers to travel with more luggage or even golf bags; 40 cubic feet of single storage area. The EC-130 T2 also has almost 40 cubic feet of available storage combined in three compartments - soft bags and luggage for both Phuket and Chiang Mai flights are recommended. Additional fees may be applied should there be separate delivery of luggage to your destination. Please see more details at Luggage Compartment of EC-130 T2.

How many passengers can be seated in helicopter at each base?
- Bangkok Based EC-135 P2+: Passenger compartment is configured with 5 stylish VIP seats for best comfort.
- Phuket and Chiang Mai Based EC-130 T2: There are 6 relaxing leather seats in an elevated theatre style configuration for optimum views through panoramic glass windows.

How safe is your helicopter?
We have opted to buy ALL-NEW aircraft that integrate Airbus Helicopters latest technologies and design. Our pilots, who have all gone through Airbus Helicopters vigorous training program, have over 25 years of combined experience including 6,000+ flight hours at Advance Aviation fleet-wide. Additionally, our aircraft are maintained daily by Airbus Helicopters highly professional personnel in a dedicated facility set up by the manufacturer in Thailand to ensure the maximum maintenance standard. Though our EC-135 is officially certified for single pilot operation, we assign two pilots to navigate you to your destination.

What happens if the weather is bad?
Our Captains and flight dispatcher dutifully assess the weather forecast to determine safety of flight. Should the flight be postponed in the interest of passengers' safety/enjoyment, we shall offer to reschedule the alternative date and time to suit your desires WITHOUT ADDITIONAL COST OR PENALTY. If this is not possible, a full refund will be given.

What happens if I need to cancel my booking flight?
There will be no charge if you cancel your reservation 72 hours prior to the scheduled mission time. Cancellations between 1 and 72 hours before the scheduled mission time, a fee of 43,750 THB will be applied. Cancellation shorter than 1 hour before the scheduled mission time or a no show, full amount as indicated in the agreed quotation will be charged.

Re-schedule is accepted without charge 24 hours prior to scheduled mission time. A fee of 17,500 THB will applied if request for the reschedule is received between 30 minutes and 24 hours prior to the scheduled mission time. Rescheduled itinerary must be within 30 days from the original mission date.

What if I want to DELAY MY PICKUP TIME?

Delay of a total mission time, which is caused by extended waiting time, is allowed up to 15 minutes without penalty. Delay penalty of 2,625 THB/15 minutes will be applied when the delay exceeds the allowable time. Fraction of 15 minutes will be rounded up to 15 minutes. We would make our best effort to accommodate your delay beyond one hour which is subject to aircraft availability. Your maximum delay time will be advised prior to your mission.
Kindly refer to the "delay, reschedule, and cancellation policy" for elaborate verification.

Can I use my mobile and laptop in flight?
Laptop and mobile are allowed on board at all times. However, the Captain may, in rare circumstances, request your compliance to refrain their usage.

What are the special services provided?
Special Services such as police escort and motorcade arrangements can be LIAISED with relevant authorities for qualified VIP and dignitaries.

Film shooting, Aerial reconnaissance, aerial photography, wedding proposals - we are pleased to CATER any flight that best suits your desire. (LINK)

Exclusive hideaways, such as a private villa, retreat, HIGH-END GOLF COURSES can also be COORDINATED for your ultimate private holiday. We also provide high end Private Jet Charter. (LINK)

Where can I land in and around Bangkok?
We are able to pick you up from over 20 helipad sites in Bangkok and drop you off over 130 different landing sites in Thailand. Kindly inform us of your destination and we will get back to you with the nearest helipad location. If your destination does not have a helipad near by, it is possible for us to arrange a temporary landing permit at a minimal fee provided that we are able to submit the request to the relevant authority five days in advance. Final approval is completely up to the authority.