helicopter EC135

Sightseeing from the Sky | Advance Aviation

Advance Aviation prides itself in being the ultimate VIP service provider.

So…where are we taking you???

You would have an exciting chance to see many places during flying with us, the true VIP helicopter. From our Operation Center, we would take you to Erawan Museum then flying over Phra Samut Chedi, Paknum Samutprakarn, Ancient city will be visible to you on the another side. To fly further to Dipangkorn Rasmijoti Bridge (formerly Industrial Ringroad) and Rama 9 Bridge. From there, we then fly along Thonburi to see our great Grand Palace. After a while, we would fly along Chao Phraya River; Temple of Dawn will be visible to you on the right side of the river. The temple is best seen from the opposite bank of the river and it glistens in the sunlight during the day. On the way back you could also see more places on another side before flying back to our Operation Center safely.

From the moment our staff greet you till the mission is completed, the aircraft is entirely yours! All details will be taken care of and well coordinated to ensure a smooth journey not only during the flight but also transition before and after the flight. In-flight amenities such as soft drinks/mineral water, flight details will be offered. Personal Assistant is also available upon request.
For international arrival into Suvannabhumi Airport, we pick you up right when you step out of your plane, taking you through Immigration, Custom, and luggage handling, directly to our own lounge to board helicopter from our own helipad at our Operation Center just 10 minutes away from the Airport. There you can choose to fresh up, check your emails, enjoy drinks and snacks or quickly get on board. The lounge is also available for domestic VIPs who wish to board our helicopter from our Operation Center. For those who arrive at Don Muang Airport, we will usher you directly to our helicopter.

Special services such as armored car, police escort and motorcade arrangement can be effectively arranged with relevant authorities for qualified VIP and dignitaries. Exclusive hideaway such as private villa or retreat can also be liaised for your ultimate discrete and care-free holidays. We also have good connections with high-end golf courses, resorts and Spa. Other special requests are more than welcome by all means. We will do our utmost to fulfill your desire.