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The helicopters and the presenters

Look at the fabulous Poo Praya Lundberg, in the grand opening iDDNA Clinic or even Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Urassaya Sperbund, the brand ambassadors from Lays 


We’ve heard a lot about the presenters, so now,
let’s talk about helicopters………

They are from Advance Aviation (who provides both VIP Helicopter and Jet Charter.). With 5 helicopters in its fleet, all are bought brand-new from infamous Airbus Helicopter, Advance Aviation is the first and largest helicopter operator in Thailand. (

In the pictures above, EC135(H135) is a twin-engine rotor-craft powered by a pair of Pratt & Whitney Canada PW206B engines.  The main rotor is of a four-bladed, hingeless fiber-composite design. The EC135(H135)  holds the distinction of being the quietest helicopter in its class, featuring an anti-resonance isolation system to dampen vibration from the main rotor. The patented innovative Fenestron Tail-rotor anti-torque device provides for quieter, much lower vibration, while giving greater controllability.

While EC135(H135) , based in BANGKOK, are configured in 5 passengers club layout (2 seats facing another 3) suitable for business users, EC130(H130) , based in PHUKET and CHIANG MAI, are configured in 6 passengers stadium layout (all seats facing forward) suitable for sightseeing.  All are equipped with latest technology to ensure utmost safety and comfort.